(v1.13) - Not Brought in to Duel while Playing Asyncs

Report any bugs you find here. Include the steps for reproducing it if you can, and the version number.

  • (1) I entered the Duel human-only queue for Law and Chaos modes;
    (2) I went to play some asyncs;
    (3) I was brought out of my async to play a Chaos mode duel, lost, changed my kit, entered the Duel queue again;
    (4) I went back to continue to play my asyncs while I waited;
    (5) I was abruptly disconnected a little bit later with the message that I was disconnected for missing my turn;
    (6) Logged back in and confirmed in global chat that I had missed my turn; but
    (7) I had been dutifully playing my asyncs while I waited to be dragged in to a Duel match.

    P.S., Makes me glad that I cannot have a Duel rating of less than 0.

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