Something is wrong with MANA VITATIS

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Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:55 pm

  • I have Mana Vitatis equipped but it's not acting correctly

    At the start of the game before anything has been cast at all it says I can activate it for 3 mana?

    Also it seems to be acting like the talisman that increases with the amount of living creatures on the board?

    I can't get a very good screen shot but this is right at the start of a realm battle before anything has been cast
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  • Hi,

    Thanks for reporting this.
    This is actually a bug that was introduced during localization. All but one of the talisman descriptions ("Mana pionts are generated...") are currently swapped around.
    "Mana Vitatis" actually gives points for living creatures on the board. You're seeing the points for two living wizards at the start of the game, I think.

    This has already been fixed, but the fix won't appear until the next update.

    The correct (sortable by "talisman type") talisman effects are here:
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  • An "fixes" update is planned this week.
    It would have been in beta on Steam tomorrow, except that the thing where enemy damage isn't shown any more in law mode is proving a tough nut to crack.
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