Targeting Order (of Multiple Casts)

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Targeting Order (of Multiple Casts)

Post by Mazy » Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:14 am

When selecting the order of targets to attack with a mega-spell (or standard spell) the order of targets is in reverse order. For example, with mega-bolts or magic attacks the first target you select is target 3, the next is target 2 etc (it counts down to 1.. magic attack-5 counts down from 5).

It has been stated previously that the targeting selection does have an order (in which the results are rolled/calculated), even though they all cast simultaneously (in most cases) the rolls are separate, therefore ordered.. so does that mean that target 3 is cast 1, target 2 is cast 2 and target 1 is cast 3? (or do the numbers directly relate, will the first target you place actually be the last cast?)

Also related to this - viewtopic.php?f=7&t=5864's hard to tell if cast order matters with gooey mass (it also counts down from 3), but if cast order is taken into account one thing that it is not doing is - subsequent casts do not take into account the results of the previous casts, the spread pattern which each cast is going to make seems predetermined (simultaneously)

.. e.g, if cast #1 lays down 4 blobs, the next nearest cast, cast #2, is not aware of the position, quantity or spread pattern of cast #1 therefore it still tries to cast its predetermined blob spread pattern on top of them, this causes any overlapping casts to just de-spawn instead of spread to the next available hex (after it realises that there is already blob on the hex that it was going to spread to it just despawns) overlapping casts will often only give you just two blobs per target (instead of 4) even though there were plenty of free hex's for it to spread to.