Multiple Retaliate Combat Resolution & Fountain of Life

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Multiple Retaliate Combat Resolution & Fountain of Life

Post by Glas Masv » Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:59 am

I am playing a test gear 1v1 Friendly Equipped Chaos. A.I. had two paladins lined adjacent to each other. I had a Paladin in charge range. I played Fountain of Life and attacked with my paladin. Eventually my paladin died and was resurrected. The bug occurred when the resurrected Paladin was slain by the second retaliate attack immediately after resurrecting two spaces from the combat. My Paladin failed the second resurrection roll.

My paladin attacked target 1. Target 1 and Target 2 retaliated in sequence. My paladin survived. My paladin retaliated in return attacking Target 1 and then Target 2. Both survived. Target 1 retaliated and killed my paladin. I believe the game then recorded Target 2's successful retaliation even though my paladin should already have been dead. The resurrection away from the combat allowed target 2's retaliation to hit as if my paladin was still in close combat.

Thats the best I can describe what I saw. The battle log registered two paladin kills even though I only had one paladin. The first resurrection was successful and the second resurrection failed.
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