Dismiss/hire merc mechanic in realm encounters

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Dismiss/hire merc mechanic in realm encounters

Post by Mazy » Mon May 07, 2018 4:01 pm

It's a bit buggy (most likely the UI, and/or possibly server related).

If you have a full party and you need to dismiss a merc to create a free slot to be able to hire a different merc the option to hire the new merc is still hidden (greyed out) after you have made a slot available for it.. You have to log out/exit game & return to be able to hire it (the game will now recognise the slot as empty).

However, after hiring the merc it will not show up in your party (leading you to believe you've just lost 2 mercs to a bug).. You have to repeat the above process again (logout/exit game & return), now the game will recognise the merc is part of your squad.