Ressurected Manticore attacked from a distance bug

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Ressurected Manticore attacked from a distance bug

Post by Grythandril » Mon May 21, 2018 9:14 am

This has been mentioned before but I though I was fixed

In the course of testing the taboos with High and Low casting spells I notice the the following

from the attached: ... 81A2F7446/

The enemy Manticore flys over and gets killed by Icarus tower.

The Manticore gets resurrected from a couple of hexs aways

But still manages to attack the Icarus Tower even though:

A. it originally landed 1 hex away from Icarus before getting killed (no way it could attack from there)

B. Once resurrected 2-3 hexs away still manages attacks

the AI was set to easy

is this still ongoing?
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