Custom demi god challenges (notifiers & async)

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Custom demi god challenges (notifiers & async)

Post by anjovi » Fri Sep 22, 2017 7:09 pm

So the inclusion of stacked taboos and custom challenges that gods/demigods can setup was insanely cool!
When I was first trying to bring awareness to it, I had some fun pitting a couple players vs a couple AI's with the twist of:
1 human could only cast neutral - no weapons
1 human could only cast law - no weapons
2 AIs had full access to undead and chaos

It seemed like the 2 pals had a good time, but for now it seems to be forgotten.

What i'd suggest is:
-Add notifiers to invade challenge lobbies, this brings awareness right to the players in a way that is less obtrusive then me trying to coax them through the chat lobby. Simply, if they want to participate, they can join, if not, just leave it be.
-Add Async......Seeing as Async is were most of these challenges were setup and played before the update, its strange to see its absence. Seeing that the GUI is there to remind players what their seems like a natural fit.
-Make it special, limit the amount of times gods, demi gods can setup a rewards lobby. Make it special so that you don't have to worry about gods spamming their lobby in the notifications. Hopefully, with enough gods, you can get a good rotation of challenge events throughout the day.