Make 'player death' an encounter trigger

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Make 'player death' an encounter trigger

Post by SpiteAndMalice » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:30 pm

One criticism which is often levelled against realms by new players is that a player can invest a significant amount of time into exploring a realm, and yet still come away with nothing due to an unlucky encounter.

(I personally don't buy into that btw, but I don't want this to be another thread about rng vs rng management, and whether actually true or not, it's certainly true that this is something which new players 'do' level as criticism.

A couple of thing that hinders the player upon death are that they lose any mercs which were previously swinging battles in their favour, and that due to the extra time now required to complete the realm, all AI wizard lords that they encounter from that point onwards may now have additional reinforcements. This leads to a situation where realms become harder after each occasion where the player dies. Maybe that's what you want for experienced players who are hitting level 12 realms for the umpteenth time, but I'm sure it's not a good way to retain players that are new to the game and already struggling with a level 1 realm.

So by way of a soluton, would it be possible to allow 'player death' to be an event trigger within realms? 'Player death' must already exist within the game as it triggers reincarnation, so all I think it would take is to add that event type into the encounter system.

That way, if a realm designer chooses to do so we'll be able give players who die a helping hand. We'd be able to set up an encounter that activates upon player death and gives that player extra mercs for instance, or activates a travel point, or even just gives encouragement (or taunts, for those level 12 realms).

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Re: Make 'player death' an encounter trigger

Post by anjovi » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:34 pm

Interesting idea, one that would make alot of sense in those low level realms geared towards new players.
Although a little on the rough side, you can sort of wire that in....

You can:
1) have 1,2,3 or whatever amount of encounters at the start of the realm or near the place were you know they'll respawn after death. Set them to 'activate'

2)have encounters (lets say 4,5,6) before lords that trigger them in case you lose to the lord. Only 4 is active (5,6 are both unactivated)

3) when player triggers 4, encounter 1 activates. When player triggers 1, 5 activates....when they step on 5, 2 activates...when they step on 4, 6 activates....when they step on 6, 3 activates.....and so on.

Not the most intuitive, but if your wanting to add at least a couple extra hands to the new player (honestly, going over that might be over helping them...maybe not)

Just thought i'd bring it up incase you wanted a work around for the meantime. But, I agree that more thoughtful encounter tools like this could only help the game.

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Re: Make 'player death' an encounter trigger

Post by Glas Masv » Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:00 pm

Good idea. Level 1-3 is challenging while new wizards collect talismans. One invader can be a surprising jump in difficulty from low-level A.I. and while a learning experience the price of losing a squad of mercs could be taken as unfair.
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