PC fan speed up by no apparent reason during a game

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  • Hello all.

    Today for the first time and since almost two months playing every day I've seen that during a duel the PC fan (or the GPU one) has started to speed up really loud without apparent reason, in the middle of a game. I have experienced it again in a second game, no particular crowded game nor any special effect or reason that I hadn't seen previously.

    Is there any report on this behaviour? What I've seen is that once I logout the fan stops being so loud.
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  • Hello,
    The game has not updated recently, so unless you've changed the mode you're playing or something, I'm not sure what the game can be doing to cause this.
    You could try lowering the graphics quality and seeing if the problem goes away, I guess, or I think people suggest VSYNC can either help or make stuff worse. Both are available via the "cog" menu.

    I think historically the air elemental was "difficult" for the game to draw, but I think that may have gone away some time ago.
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  • Fortunately, I rebooted the PC yesterday after that and there was no buzz again during a play. Notice that that sound persisted even when I left the game I was playing but ended at the moment I logged out from the network. Maybe it was something interacting badly with on line applications in the background (I was worried in case some malware was mining bitcoins using my cheap brand new GPU... ).

    The GPU is new and is able to handle the graphics requirements and the PSU should endure at least a couple of years without any problems. I hope it was just something spurious.

    Sometimes, almost once per game, I notice a minimal stop in the game flow when a FX effect has to appear, say paralysis, some summon, but it is not something to be worried about.
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